Since 2011, the Ramallah Friends School has been offering English and College Prep summer programs for students in Ramallah and surrounding areas. 

Ramallah Friends School Upper Campus

Ramallah Friends School Upper Campus

For our students, we provide rigorous, culturally responsive, and joyful English and College Prep programming that deepens their connections to their community, fosters their critical consciousness, and produces measurable skills growth.

We have Palestinian students from Ramallah and other cities, grades K-9 in our English summer camps, and grades 10-11 in our College Prep program.

We have served over 1000 Palestinian students over the last four years from the Friends School in Ramallah, as well as schools in Nablus, Jerusalem, and elsewhere.  All interested students are welcome!

We recruit experienced and effective international English teachers to teach in the program through Teach for America and other professional networks.

We have had over 150 teachers from across the US participate in our program. Our staff is made up of passionate, motivated, hard-working, and top-quality English teachers who are excited to be in Palestine and learn from the community in addition to teaching English.

We partner with community organizations to engage our students and staff in service learning.

 We also invite guest speakers from the community to talk with our students about their professional experience and motivate them to be leaders for social justice in their community in the future.