(If you live in Palestine, please complete the local TA application. If you live outside of Palestine, please complete the international TA application. Students who graduated high school in Palestine and are studying abroad should complete the local TA application.)

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We are looking for undergraduate students to be volunteer teaching assistants (TAs) for our "I Know I Can" Academies at the Ramallah Friends School in Palestine for June 29 - August 3, 2019.

TAs are matched with one of our teachers to support the classroom instruction and extracurricular activities.  We will have openings for TAs within all of our programs:  K-5, 6-9 and 10-11.  See "Students" section of website for more info about the programs.

*undergraduate or recent college graduate
*passion for teaching, tutoring, and working with youth
*openness to feedback and direction
* social justice mindset and comfort discussing issues of identity, equity, and power
* maturity, responsibility, and strong relationship-building and communication skills

See "Goals and Criteria" page in Staff section for more details about selection criteria.

* $450 stipend to support living expenses
* housing provided, shared apartments with other staff
Note:  TAs are responsible for securing funding for their flight and all other costs. It is recommended that TAs look for funding opportunities at their universities.

How to Apply
1. Review the website for details about the programs.
2. Submit the online form for Local TAs or International TAs

Application Timeline
Jan 1 – March 1: Accepting Applications
March 1-15: Reviewing Applications
March 15 – April 1: Conducting Phone Interviews
April 1– April 15: Extending Offers to applicants
June 29 - July 3: Staff Orientation in Ramallah, Palestine
July 4 - August 3: Teaching in Ramallah, Palestine

You can reach out to ikic.rfs@gmail.com.