Application is now open for TEACHER and TA positions for summer of 2019 (June 29 - Aug 3)

1.  Learn about our programs by reviewing the Students and Staff sections of the website.
2.  Submit the online application form by March 1.

Hiring Needs

We will be hiring for each of our three partnerships. See more in the Students section of the website about each program. We expect to have the following openings for the summer:

  • TAAWON BRIDGE (estimated 150 students grades 9th-10th)

    • 10th grade Bridge program: (1) SAT Math (1) SAT Reading/Writing (1) College Counseling

    • 9th grade Bridge program: (4) English teachers (2) Math teachers

  • RAMALLAH FRIENDS SCHOOL (estimated 500 students grades K-11)

    • 10th-11th grade:  (1) Model UN (1) Research Writing (1) Test Prep (1) College Counseling

    • 6th-9th grade: (3) English teachers

    • 3rd-5th grades: (6) English teachers

    • K-2nd grades: (6) English teachers

  • DALIA (estimated 30 students)

Selection Criteria

Below are the three main criteria that we use to select teaching applicants. 

Experience and Effectiveness

  • 2+ years of full-time teaching experience (English or ESL/ELL Preferred)

  • Culturally responsive teaching orientation

  • Extracurricular skills and experience in arts and/or sports preferred

Team and Community Orientation

  • Mature and flexible with group dynamics and living conditions

  • Friendliness and openness to learning and relationship-building

  • Responsive to feedback and needs of others

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness

  • Interest in learning from and with students and community members

  • Willingness to reflect on and discuss one's own social identity and experience

  • We value diversity and particularly encourage those who share the background of our students to apply, as well as those who are Arabic speakers, People of Color, and/or from low income backgrounds.


The following are covered by the program for our staff:

  • Round-trip flight reimbursement from home city up to $1500 (participants will need to cover flight costs over $1500)

  • Accommodations provided throughout the program (shared apartments)

  • $1350 stipend intended to cover the costs during the stay like food and tours

Application Timeline

Now – March 1:  Open for Applications

  • All prospective applicants should read through the website thoroughly to get a sense of the program, and email with any questions.

  • To complete the application, you need to 1) submit the online form linked here, and 2) email your Resume or CV to (after completing the online form).

March 1 – April 1:  Conducting Phone Interviews

  • We invite applicants to two rounds of virtual interviews: one with the director, and one with specific program coordinators.

April 1 – May 1:  Extending Offers to Applicants

  • We will extend offers with the goal of confirming all staff by the end of April.

May 1– June 25:  Teacher Preparation (conference calls and planning deadlines)

  • After accepting the position, all committed teachers begin preparation of their curriculum and providing feedback on the program vision and culture plans.

  • We expect that all staff engage in conference calls with the teacher of their curriculum in the previous years as well as the staff member who teaches the same cohort of kids.

  • Additionally, each program team will review and give feedback on their program's culture plans, so that all team members are on the same page when they arrive in Ramallah.

  • Note: preparation prior to coming is essential and program managers will communicate and hold staff accountable for the preparation expectations (about 5-10 hours per week of work).

June 29 – July 3:  Staff Orientation in Ramallah

  • All staff will arrive one week prior to the start of teaching with kids to engage in orientation and team-building activities. The purpose is to build relationships within our staff, setup classrooms and do other final curriculum preparation, and also to get acquainted with Ramallah and the Palestinian community.

July 4 - August 3:  Teaching and Community Engagement in Ramallah  

  • Program runs from Monday-Thursday and Saturday, from about 9:30-4:00. Some evenings on weekdays we will arrange for guest speakers and at least one day per week we will go on a full-day community tour.

Moving Forward:  Engaged Alum

  • Implement takeaways and next steps from the experience into personal and professional life and contribute to the IKIC alumni network.

Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Preparation Prior to the Program (5-10 hours per week May-June): we expect that all teachers are planning their own curriculum in collaboration with the other teacher of the same cohort, and participating in conference calls to plan and norm around the culture and expectations of the program as a whole. The manager of each program will communicate timelines for submissions and will provide guidance and feedback on curriculum plans.

  • Daily Teaching (Mon-Thurs, Sat): all programs include a mix of classroom instruction and extracurricular activities, but for younger students the day includes more activities while for our oldest students the classes are all day and the activities are optional after school. See below for details:

    • Teachers for grades K-6 will teach English classes for their cohort each morning, and for the afternoon they will run summer camp like activities for all students in their program. The day runs from 9am – 3pm and there is no prep period other than lunch.

    • Teachers for grades 7-9 will teach the same prep twice once to each half of their cohort, and then lead extracurricular activities for the afternoon like sports and arts based on student interest. The day runs from about 10am - 4pm and there is no prep period other than lunch.

    • Teachers for grades 10-11 will teach the same prep four times, once for each of the four classes in the program, and will have the option of running extracurricular activities after school.

  • Community Engagement: all staff are invited to participate in activities to engage with the community and learn about the context.

  • Engaged Alumni: we consider all of our alumni friends moving forward from the summer, and we hope that all of our alumni remain connected to our group after the program concludes. We also create space for staff to reflect on their experience, and plan takeaways and next steps to implement upon returning home.

Questions? Email:

All in all, this was really an incredible opportunity for me to grow as a teacher, and human being, and I hope that many more people in the future will be able to take advantage of what you/we do here! Thank you a million times over!
— Teacher, 2014
Thank you so much for all the work you put into this. It’s an amazing program, and I hope it continues for years to come. I think it’s great for the students and transformational for the teachers, and I’m so grateful I’ve been able to participate these past two years.
— Teacher 2014