Monday July 9th

Powerpoint:  Day 1

Homework: Write 1/2 page on an issue of justice you care about and why you care about it.


Tuesday July 10th

Powerpoint:  Day 2

Homework: Finish Annotations of MLK Essay: Beyond Vietnam on pg 470. Be sure to circle and label literary devices and write reasons in the margins.


Wednesday July 11th

Powerpoint: Day 3

Homework: Write Outline for Introduction and First Body Paragraph of MLK Essay (Pg 470) and Write compete Introduction Due Thursday


Thursday July 12th

Powerpoint: Day 4

Homework: Write Full Essay for MLK Passage (Pg 470). Due Saturday


Saturday July 14th

Powerpoint: Day 5

No Homework!


Monday July 16th

Powerpoint: Day 6

Homework: Rewrite MLK Essay if you did not receive a 6 or above in all categories. Due Tuesday


Tuesday July 17th

Homework: Revise Essays if not 6,6,6. Due Wednesday


Wednesday July 18th

Powerpoint: Day 7

Homework: Revise Essays if not 6 or above in all categories. Due Thursday.


Thursday July 19th

Powerpoint: Review Day 1

Homework: Review past presentations and prepare for Saturday's Formative Exam!


Monday July 23rd



Tuesday July 24th



Wednesday July 25th



Thursday July 26th



Monday July 30th



Tuesday July 31st



Wednesday August 1st