The following are covered by the program for our staff:

  • Round-trip flight reimbursement up to $1500 (participants will need to cover flight costs over $1500) 
  • Accommodations provided throughout the  program (shared apartments)
  • $1500 stipend intended to cover the costs during the stay like food and tours 

Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Preparation Prior to the Program (5-10 hours per week May-June):  we expect that all teachers are planning their own curriculum in collaboration with the other teacher of the same cohort, and participating in conference calls to plan and norm around the culture and expectations of the program as a whole.  The manager of each program will communicate timelines for submissions and will provide guidance and feedback on curriculum plans.
  • Daily Execution (Mon-Thurs, Sat):  all programs include a mix of classroom instruction and extracurricular activities, but for younger students the day includes more activities while for our oldest students the classes are all day and the activities are optional after school.  See below for details:
    • Teachers for grades K-6 will teach English classes for their cohort each morning, and for the afternoon they will run summer camp like activities for all students in their program.  The day runs from 9am – 3pm and there is no prep period other than lunch.
    • Teachers for grades 7-9 will teach the same prep twice once to each half of their cohort, and then lead extracurricular activities for the afternoon like sports and arts based on student interest.  The day runs from about 10am - 4pm and there is no prep period other than lunch.
    • Teachers for grades 10-11 will teach the same prep four times, once for each of the four classes in the program, and will have the option of running extracurricular activities after school. 
  • Community Engagement:  all staff are invited to participate in activities to engage with the community and learn about the context.   
  • Engaged Alumni: we consider all of our alumni friends moving forward from the summer, and we hope that all of our alumni remain connected to our group after the program concludes.  We also create space for staff to reflect on their experience, and plan takeaways and next steps to implement upon returning home.