Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Are there any discounts or financial aid available?

  • Early Registration Discount for RFS Students:  Ramallah Friends School students who register by March 19 will get a $25 discount, so they only have to pay $375.  
  • Sibling Discount:  All students will have access to a "Sibling Discount" of $50 for each additional sibling who registers.  For example, for a family of three kids, the fee for the first child would be $400, the second would be $350, and the third would be $300.   
  • Financial Aid:  RFS families who already receive financial aid from the school are eligible for a $200 discount.  Please email or if you qualify for this.
  • Faculty Discount:  RFS staff can enroll their children with a 50% discount.
  • Only One Discount: families can take advantage of one of the above discounts/aid only, not multiple at once.  For example, if you get the financial aid discount, you cannot also apply the early registration discount.

2. Can I attend for less than the full four weeks?

  • Yes, you can attend for 1, 2, or 3 weeks, and you need to pay $100 per week.
  • When the program begins, you should let the program coordinator know which weeks you will be attending. 

3. Who is responsible for recruitment and registration?

  • Mohammad Assi for Grades 6-11:  Ustaz Mohammad is a learning support teacher at the RFS Upper School and he is responsible for the recruitment and registration process for grades 6-11.  You can contact him with any questions at or her cell 0599701061.
  • Ferris Odeh for Grades K-5:  Ustaz Ferris is a teacher at the RFS Lower School and he is responsible for the recruitment and registration process for grades K-5.  You can reach out to him directly with any questions at her email address

3.  Can I get my money back if I need to withdraw?

  • Before April 15 - Yes, you can get a full refund.
  • April 15 - June 15- Partial, you can get half of your money back.
  • After June 15 - No, because we have already hired all of our staff, and paid for their travel and accommodations.

4.  How strong does my English need to be?

  • For the SAT Prep program for 10th-11th graders, you need to be fairly strong with English given the rigor of the SAT exam.  You can see some example problems here.  Our teachers make every effort to provide support for students with varying English levels, and all students are welcome to enroll in our program.
  • For grades K-9, all students are welcome as long as they have a basic level of English.  Our teachers plan lessons according to the students' English levels and we have teaching assistants who speak Arabic to assist teachers when necessary.

5.  Will the grades be mixed together or separate?

  • Each program will mix students in their classes:  K-2nd, 3rd-5th, 6th-7th, 8th-9th, and 10th-11th.

6.  Who are the staff?

  • Our staff are largely made up of passionate, experienced, and skilled American teachers that are part of the Teach for America network who come for the summer time.  Our staff make efforts to build relationships with students and get to know Palestine.