“I Know I Can” Camp
Who: 8th-10th Graders
When: July 4 - Aug 3, 10am-4:15pm, Sun-Thurs
Where: East Jerusalem

Improve your English skills by doing meaningful projects in a fun and friendly environment with American and Palestinian teachers!

What makes our program special?

  • Our teachers are fun, inspiring and knowledgeable American educators who are excited to be in Palestine and get to know the students.

  • Camp schedule is from 10:00am to 4:15pm, Sunday through Thursday for July 4 – August 3.

  • Learn English in an engaging way using games, group discussions, (no lectures) and interesting English texts that relate to students.

  • Create meaningful projects where students research problems in their community and develop solutions that they present in a showcase. 

Our Strategy

Read the goals, approaches, and assessments below to understand the IKIC strategy for the camp.

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Screenshot 2019-04-12 13.59.49.png
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