Hello Everyone!

July 8 2019 Homework:

  1. Continue to develop your story of self from today’s lesson.

July 9 2019 Homework:

  1. Complete your story of self draft.

  2. Finish your logo along with short explanation of your logo.

  3. Complete pages 5-6 in your packets.

July 10 2019 Homework:

  1. Finish reflection responses.

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July 11 2019 Homework:

  1. N/A

July 13 2019 Homework:

  1. N/A. Enjoy your weekend!

July 15 2019 Homework

  1. Choose one prompt from the Common Application Prompt list here to begin working on tomorrow. Begin brainstorming your response. Here is a brainstorming strategy video.

  2. Bring your own computers tomorrow!


July 16 2019 Homework:

  1. Complete and fill in your college research excel sheet with 6-9 colleges/universities.

  2. Choose your Common App prompt and a second prompt.

  3. Bring your laptops tomorrow! Come prepared to start writing.

July 17 2019 Homework:

  1. Write the first paragraph and thesis statement for your personal statement.

July 18 2019 Homework:

July 20 2019 Homework:

July 22 2019 Homework

July 23 2019 Homework:


Ustaz C and Elom are excited to be here with you! Welcome to I Know I Can College Counseling. This summer we will prepare for the college admissions process, figure out a bit more of who we are as a community and as individuals, and write our personal statements. We're very excited to begin this summer with you!

In the meantime if you have any questions you can reach us at bcentenomonroy@gmail.com and etetteytam@haverford.edu.