Hello Everyone!

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July 19 2018 Homework:

Complete 3 University of California Personal Insight Prompts. Due Monday. Refer to the Personal Statement Rubric for clarity and be sure to show and not tell. 

July 18 2018 Homework:

  1. Brainstorm responses to 3 of the UC Prompts and complete 1 prompt for homework.

  2. Create and begin the Common App.

  3. Find out your address out if you don't know it at the moment.

July 12 2018 Homework:

  1.  Complete GPA homework after reteaching.
  2. Begin creating your college list. Only include 3-4 categories: deadlines + 2-3 of your choice. Over time we will add more information to them.

July 11 2018 Homework:

  1. Complete pages 9, 10, and 11 as part of the GPA Jump section. 
  2. Optional: Begin researching for your college list using the search engines mentioned in order to get a head start in preparation for the college panel on Thursday, July 13 during closing. 

July 10 2018 Homework

Complete pages 4-8 of the WOOP Packet.

July 9 2018 Homework:

  1. Complete the College Counseling Survey
  2. Write for 7-10 minutes using the "I am Looking At" Prompt. Think of the detail of what you're seeing. Instead of "The wall is yellow," think of how you can give the object more life through increased detail. 
  3. Write for 7-10 minutes beginning with the prompt "I Remember." 


Ustaz Sherif and Miss Olivia here with you! Welcome to I Know I Can College Counseling. This summer we will prepare for the college admissions process, figure out a bit more of who we are as a community and as individuals, and write our personal statements. We're very excited to begin this summer with you!

In the meantime if you have any questions you can reach us at sherif.ai.elfatatry@gmail.com or oliviamayeda@gmail.com.