Bridge Palestine, English as a Second Language


The 9th grade ESL program is focused on developing English writing, reading, and math skills in an English immersion environment for 150 students from the Taawon Bridge program who are preparing to apply for universities abroad.

Read about Taawon’s Bridge program here: “New Program Qualifies Palestine Students for Ivey League Schools” Aljazeera.

Some features of the program include:

  • 3 English classes per day: 1) Reading, 2) Writing, and 3) English Math.  Classes will focus on developing students speaking, listening, reading, writing, and math skills for English as a Second Language learners.   

  • 1 Elective Extracurricular Activity class that students choose to participate in, facilitated by their teachers.  Students will be able to choose from a variety of options including music, sports, arts, yoga, dance, etc.

  • Daily openings and closings with all 300 students gather together to do team competitions and perform and share their work.  For example, students in the chorus club sang a musical piece together, and students who wrote slam poetry performed their poems.  

  • Project-Based Learning: students work on several  projects in each class that they share in performance or showcase formats.  For example, students in the past created the Humans of Ramallah blog where they interviewed community members, translated the interviews, and wrote stories in English that were published in a blog format.

Bridge Palestine is a three-year capacity building program targeting 400 tenth graders organized by Taawon.  The project aims to optimize opportunities for high achieving, innovative and distinguished Palestinian students to enroll in internationally recognized universities. The camp hosted fun and engaging orientation events for Bridge Palestine students in Jerusalem, Gaza and Ramallah.  Taawon (Welfare Association) and IKIC are partnering to take Bridge Palestine students on an intensive academic-training journey that actively works to refine their talents, and improve their skills to prepare them to attend distinguished regional and international universities. The students participate in academic and professional counseling programs in a variety of fields, and connect with distinguished Palestinian professionals all over the world.

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Laila Ibrahim

Co-Coordinator for 9th grade Bridge program

IB English A teacher at RFS Upper School
English teacher at Amideast


Samer Hjouj

Co-coordinator for 9th grade Bridge Program

Former College Counselor at the RFS Upper School