English Enrichment Program, Grades 6-9

  • Where? Ramallah Friends School Upper School

  • Who? Students grades 6-9 are split into three groups: grades 6, 7, and 8/9.

  • What? English, project-based classes in the morning and extracurricular activities like sports, team competitions, art, music, yoga, and theater in the afternoon.

  • When? July 4 - August 3. 10:00am-3:30pm

  • Goals:

    1. ALL students will grow in their English skills and create meaningful English projects.

    2. ALL students will develop their teamwork and leadership skills through competition and collaboration.

    3. ALL students will develop their belief that they have a responsibility to work for social justice in their community.

  • Program Highlights:

    • Students engage in project-based learning where they do research about issues in their community.

    • Students and teachers celebrate success and team spirit through competitions, awards, and program-wide celebrations.

    • Students and teachers trip to volunteer and local entertainment sites to build teamwork and social awareness outside the Friends School.

Student Testimonials

My favorite part of the summer was winning kickball against older kids - it was a victory for the ages!
Our teacher Ms. Jamila helped us use our voice and words to express what we truly feel as Palestinians through poetry.
I really liked the Socratic Seminars part. It was fun to have some debates and share our opinions on different subjects.
The swimming pool was so much fun, and we got the idea for our end of class video project while playing in the pool.


Chris Akel

Coordinator of 6th-9th Grades Camp

College Counselor at RFS Upper School